and NOT Greek or Aramaic


Are there any proofs that the original language
of the New Testament  was Hebrew, and not Greek or Aramaic?”  The answer is “Yes! 
There most definitely are many:
there are both internal and external proofs. …….

“The New Covenant’s original language was neither
Greek nor Aramaic, as popular wisdom goes,
but rather in Hebrew, the same Hebrew language
that the Tanakh, the “Old Testament”, was written in.”
-Hebrew New Testament
by, Dr.  D. Briggs, Ph.D., Walden University …….

“The New Testament WAS originally written in Hebrew.
As the following scholars agree – Bivan, Blizzard,
Grant, Loisy, Schonefield, Trimm, Minge, Segal, Dam,
etc. They all raise the flag regarding the New Testament
as being originally written in Hebrew and NOT Greek or
-Hebrew New Testament
by, Dr.  D. Briggs, Ph.D., Walden University 

“Not only is it logical that it should be Hebrew,
 since Yahushua and his disciples were from a
Hebrew speaking country, but there are many internal
and external proofs that reinforce this logic.”
-Hebrew New Testament
by, Dr.  D. Briggs, Ph.D., Walden University …….

“Furthermore, Yahushua was living in Judea,
surrounded by Jewish disciples, who had as their
sacred text a Tanakh, written almost entirely in
-Hebrew New Testament
by, Dr.  D. Briggs, Ph.D., Walden University, …….


Luke 23:38: “And a superscription also was written
over him in letters of

IF Yahushua and the Jews spoke ARAMAIC, as many have
been misled to believe, why is not Aramaic listed rather than Hebrew?
After all, this sign was written for the vast majority of Israelis,
including the common folk.  Just this single scriptural proof alone
is overwhelmingly compelling that Hebrew was very much alive
and still in use in Israel at that time. 

“Hebrew was still very much alive during
The Messiah’s earthly ministry and afterwards. 
Whom should one trust: man, who has attempted to
beguile many or scripture and Yahushua Christ Himself?
And obviously Saul (later known as the Apostle Paul),
understood Hebrew, who was educated at the feet of a
Hebrew speaking scholar.  This added proof that Hebrew
was very active in Israel during the times of Yahushua
Christ and beyond.”
-Hebrew New Testament
by, Dr.  D. Briggs, Ph.D., Walden University 

“At Matthew 5:18: Christ said “…not a jot/”yoot”
nor a tittle will pass…”  Both of these refer to
the Hebrew alphabet.  Why would Yahushua Christ refer
to Hebrew with an audience who supposedly spoke Aramaic,
and thus would not have understood Him? (obviously his
audience spoke Hebrew).”
-Hebrew New Testament
by, Dr.  D. Briggs, Ph.D., Walden University 


“Why would YHWH inspire the disciples of Christ
to write Yahushua’s biography and teachings in a
language that the Jews hated, and that the apostles
could not have known, since they were all Jewish?
Does not make sense, does it? Well, truth is,
HE did not.”
-Hebrew New Testament
by, Dr.  D. Briggs, Ph.D., Walden University …….

“What was the language of ordinary life of educated
native Jews in Jerusalem and Judaea in the period
from 400 BCE to 150 CE? The evidence presented by
Mishnaic Hebrew and its literature leaves no doubt
that that language was Mishnaic Hebrew.”
– The Companion Bible,
 E. W. Bullinger, (Appendix 94) …….

“Hebrew continued to be used as a spoken and written
language even after the fourth century, including the
New Testament period.”
-The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
 third edition, in 1997 

“Matthew put down the words of the Lord
in the Hebrew language, and others have translated
them, each as best he could.”
-Papias, bishop of Hierapolis, c. 150 A.D …….

“Matthew, indeed, produced his Gospel written
among the Hebrews in their own dialect.”
– Irenaeus (120-202 A.D.)
Bishop of Lions, France 

“There were debates raging concerning the
destruction of the scrolls of the New Testament,
because they contain the divine Name of God in
Hebrew (YHWH).”  This debate clearly documents
that the gospels were written in Hebrew in early
church history.
-the Babylonian Talmud (Shabbat 116a),
the Jerusalem Talmud (Shabbat 15c),
 and the Tosefta (Shabbat 13:5). 

“The first Gospel composed in the Hebrew language,
was written by Matthew…for those who came to faith
from Judaism.”
-Origen (225 A.D.) 

“Matthew had first preached to the Hebrews,
and when he was about to go to others also,
he transmitted his Gospel in writing in his
native language” 
– (Ecclesiastical History III 24, 6) 

“Matthew collected and wrote the oracles
in the Hebrew language”
-(Ecclesiastical History, III, 39, 16).

“both the Church Fathers as well as the recently
discovered Dead Sea Scrolls state quite clearly
and without any equivocation that Hebrew WAS the
language spoken and written at the time of the
Messiah and his Disciples.”
-Hebrew New Testament
by, Dr.  D. Briggs, Ph.D., Walden University 

“the issue of the New Testament being written
in Greek or Aramaic was non-existent prior to
the Fourth or Fifth Century A.D.  It has been
a rather modern theory based upon anti-semitism
which is a hatred of anything Jewish.”
-Hebrew New Testament
by, Dr.  D. Briggs, Ph.D., Walden University


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