Nimrod married his own mother.
After declaring himself to be a god,
then his mother declared herself to be
“the Mother of god”.  Her name was
Semiramis.   After Nimrod’s death, she
attempted to cover over her incenstuous
relationship with her son – by declaring
that he was both the Father and the Son. 

This concept was difficult for her followers
to understand, so she told them that it was a
“Divine Mystery” – that was not comprehendable.
And thus, “god the father” and “god the son”
was invented way back then – in Ancient Babylon.

And yet, Semiramis insisted that there were not
2 gods, but rather one.  Just two aspects of the
same god.   On earth, while still alive,  Nimrod
was the man-god of Babylon – represented by
the Sun (as a solar god).   All the sun-gods that
were formed around the pagan world after him,
were all fashioned in his likeness.  They maintained
different names – but were still recognized as
carbon copies of the original sun-god of Babylon,
known as Nimrod.

Nimrod’s  wife declared herself to be a moon-goddess.
She gave herself glorious titles such as  “queen of heaven” – 
“ever virgin” – “Mediatrix” and “mother of god”.  
She thus made  herself into the perfect female image – 
by which all future goddesses were copied or molded

Since the entire family of Nimrod was involved in this
rebellion against Jehovah God,  it became a trinity affair
of sorts.   Nimrod became “god-the-father”,  Tammuz 
became “god-the-son”, and Semramis became the “dove”
or “spirit” that held this holy union together.  Hence 
the first trinity was born – there in Babylon – and has 
spread its tentacles around the world – when the 
Babylonians were scattered abroad.

The trinity of  god, son, and holy spirit (semiramis) has
invaded almost every pagan religion around the world.
Their gods and goddesses have different names, but
the principals remain the same.

Even Kildare, Ireland, has their triple goddess named
“Brigid” that has been absorbed by the Apostate Christian
Church – in the form of a saint.

If you look up under ‘images’ on the internet – using the
words “trinity gods” – or “triple gods” – you will uncover
a slew of them that were invented long before Christ was
even born.   When you read the attributes of the pagan
sun-gods and pagan goddesses, the resemblance to Nimrod
and his family becomes even more clear.

No, “God-The-Father” and  “God-The-Son” is not a Divine
Mystery that is incomprehensible,  but  rather it is a Lie 
that started in Ancient Babylon with Nimrod, Tammuz,
and Semiramis.    Do research for yourself, and stop being
the victims of Apostate Compromise with Heathens.


“If there was one who was more deeply 
concerned in the tragic death of Nimrod 
than another, it was Semiramis, who had 
been raised to share with him the throne 
of Babylon. In life her husband had been 
honored as a hero, in death she will have 
him worshipped as a god…”
— (The Two Babylons, 
  Alexander Hislop; page 58 )

“Long ago – right after the Flood, 
a man named Nimrod emerged on
the scene of history. When he died, 
his wife, Semiramis,recognized that 
without him she might loose power,
so she devised a clever plan.  
Semiramis was pregnant. She told 
everyone that the child in her womb 
was none other than Nimrod being reborn.  
This was the beginning of the greatest 
perversion…the concept of  a ‘father/son’ 
– Resurrection Sunday and 
 the Babylonian Connection; 
  By Errol Hale

“Semiramis became pregnant after Nimcrod’s 
death.  And to cover up her indiscretion
she claimed that her baby was Nimrod
reincarnated.  So now she claimed that
he was both the Father and the son.  
The divine mother who gave birth to 
this divine son was Isis, the Egyptian 
name for Semiramis.  Thus there were now 
three gods to whom worship was due–
a father god, a son god, and a holy 
mother goddess–yet all of these were 
to be considered equal, because they 
were all to be considered equal parts 
of a triune god.”
-(Exploring Ancient History—
The First 2500 Years, Schulz, ch. 11, 24).


“After Nimrod’s death, 
Semiramis claimed his son Horus 
to have been Nimrod reincarnated. 
These three—Osiris (Nimrod), 
Isis (Semiramis) and Horus (the son)-
came to be exalted as a triad of deities 
-(Exploring Ancient History—
The First 2500 Years, Schulz, ch. 11, 24).


“All Pagan religions from the time of 
Babylon have adopted in one form or 
another – a Trinity doctrine or a triad
or trinity of gods. In Babylon it was Nimrod, 
Semiramas, and Tammuz. In Egypt it was Osiris, 
Isis, and Horus.  In Plato’s philosophy it was
the Unknown Father, Nous/Logos, and the world
soul.  The Greek triad was composed of Zeus, 
Athena and Apollo. Romans had their Trinity 
of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.  The Hindus
had their trinity of  Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.”
–The Lost Doctrines of Christianity
   The Doctrine of the Trinity
   is Not Based upon Scripture
by Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986) 

“Many ancient pagan nations had 
three headed gods and a Trinity doctrine. 
All these have existed from ancient times,
and originated with Nimrod and Babylon.” 
 by Rev. Alexander Hishop, 
  1916, Page 17-18.

“Semiramis was initially included 
in the pagan Babylonian trinity 
as the holy spirit and her symbol 
was that of the dove. 
Deified as Ishtar, she was raised 
far above the level of all creatures, 
and was worshipped as the third 
member of the trinitarian godhead. 
It’s interesting that the ancient 
Babylonians pronounced the name 
Ishtar in exactly the same way as 
we pronounce the word Easter.”
   by Rod England

The concept of a trinity godhead system  
goes back to the first city nation called 
Babylon. This took place during the time 
of Nimrod and Semiramis. In this first pagan
trinity – Nimrod the king was the first person, 
Semiramis his Queen was the second person, 
and Tammuz their son was the third person, 
of this godhead system.”
–Trinity, Fact or Fiction?
Section A – Rev. John D. Sims

“After the flood and then the scattering 
from the tower of Babel, the earth was in 
a repopulation process by pagan trinity 
believers initially from Babylon. As the 
original Babylonians scattered across the 
face of the earth from the tower occurrence, 
they took their religious system with them 
even though they expressed their religious 
system in their new languages. Even in their 
new languages the general characteristics 
of the trinity system remained the same. 
This system eventually infected the 
Christian religious world and is spoken 
of in hidden detail in Revelation chapters 
seventeen and eighteen.” 
–Trinity, Fact or Fiction?
Section A – Rev. John D. Sims


“So utterly idolatrous was the Babylonian 
recognition of the Divine Unity, that Jehovah, 
the Living God, severely condemned His 
own people for giving any countenance to it. 
In the unity of that one and only god of the 
Babylonians, there were three persons, and 
to symbolize that doctrine of the Trinity, they 
employed the equilateral triangle just as it is well
known, that the Church of Rome does to this 
day. In both cases such a comparison is most 
degrading to the King Eternal.”
-“The Two Babylons” 
by Alexander HISLOP -pgs. 16,17

“The trinity originated with Babylon, 
and was passed on to most of the world’s 
religions. The idea of “God the Son” is 
Babylonian paganism and mythology that 
was grafted into Christianity. 
–Historical Background of the Trinity
    By Jeff Rath



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