The Trinity – From Babylon to Rome

“The cult that arose in Babylon 
and spread its cult tentacles throughout the world 
was trinitarian (Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislop). 
At first, this doctrine was merely humanism, 
man making himself god. The first humanism trinity 
of record to be setup and worshiped as gods, 
was that of Nimrod, Simeramus, and Tammuz. 
These are in the Old Testament in the Canaanite 
language identified as Baal, Ashtoreth, and Tammuz. 
At the dispersion of the people at the Tower of Babel, 
this trinity doctrine of humanism was spread all over
the world. Each religion of all the pagan religions 
held two common traits: 1.) A trinity of gods and; 
2.) These were in a form of human gods.”
-Jesus Messieh Fellowship 
The Trinity Doctrine Is Pagan 
By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor 

“From ancient time Mystery Babylon has tried 
to make God what he is not – A Trinity.”
-Jesus Messieh Fellowship 
The Trinity Doctrine Is Pagan 
By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

“Long ago – right after the Flood, a man named Nimrod 
emerged on the scene of history. His name means 
“let us rebel”. He led the founding of the first 
great civilization – Babylon…He led them to rebel 
against God. He had tremendous power, so much that he
became a god in the eyes of the people. When he died,
his wife, Semiramis, recognized that without him she
might loose power herself, so she devised a clever plan.
Semiramis was pregnant. She told everyone that the child
in her womb was none other than Nimrod being reborn. 
This was the beginning of the greatest perversion… 
the concept of father/son deity
, the very first
incomprehensible divine trinity (the unexplainable mystery)…”
– Resurrection Sunday and 
the Babylonian Connection; By Errol Hale  

“Bel (Lord) was the oldest and mightiest of the gods 
of Babylonia, one of the earliest trinities. He was 
“Lord of the World. The “doctrine of the Trinity” is 
first met northeast of the Indus; and, tracing it to Asia 
Minor and Europe, one recognizes it among every people 
who had anything like an established religion. It was 
taught in the oldest Chaldean, Egyptian, and Mithraic 
schools. The Chaldean Sun-god, Mithra, was called “Triple”
and the trinitarian idea of the Chaldeans was a doctrine
of the Akkadians who, themselves, belonged to a race which 
was the first to conceive a metaphysical trinity. 
According to the archeologist Rawlinson, the Chaldeans
were a tribe of the Akkadians who lived in Babylonia from
earliest times…”
– THEOSOPHY, Vol. 52, No. 6, April, 1964 
“In ancient days Satan seemed to make Babylon 
the capital of his evil operation.  From this 
headquarters was started false religion.”
-(Revelation Illustrated and Made Plain p. 224).
“the Tower of Babel was actually the worship of Satan
in the form of fire, the sun and the serpent.  However, 
Satan worship could not be done openly because of the 
many who still believed in the true God of Noah.  So a
mystery religion began at Babel where Satan could be 
worshipped in secret.”
– Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons, 2nd American ed.
 (Neptune, New Jersey: Loizeaux Brothers, 1959) 5, 24.)

“The researches of modern writers….. 
uniformly regard Babylon… as the cradle 
of the ancient Paganism.”
–The Worship of the Dead (London; 1904),
   Colonel J. Garnier,  pg. 8

“Babylon was, at that time, 
the center of the civilized world; 
and thus Paganism…had opportunities 
of sending forth its debased counterfeit
of the truth to all the ends of the earth.”
– Hislop, A., The Two Babylons, 
 Loiseaux Brothers, Neptune, N.J. pg 99.

Unlike early Christianity, which worshipped
the Jewish God, Jehovah – The apostate Church
adopted the Trinity god of Ancient Babylon.

“The trinity got its start in Ancient Babylon
with Nimrod – Tammuz – and Semiramis.
Semiramis demanded worship for both her husband
and her son as well as herself.  She claimed 
that her son, was both the father and the son.
Yes, he was “god the father” and “god the son” –
The first divine incomprehensible trinity.”
 –The Two Babylons ; Alexander Hislop; p.51

“There were triads of gods…”
-(Babylonian and Assyrian Religion, 
Norman, Okla.; 1963, S. H. Hooke, pp. 14-40) 

Rome Adopts Babylon’s Errors

“The doctrine 
that Jesus Christ the Son of God
was God the son 
was decreed by worldly 
and ecclesiastical powers. 
Men were forced to accept it 
at the point of the sword or else, 
Thus, the error of the trinity 
was propounded to the end 
that ultimately people believed it 
to be the truth. 
Thus Christianity became in essence
 like  ‘Babylonian’  heathenism, 
with only a veneer of Christian names.”
— Forgers of the Word -1983 Victor Paul Wierwille

“The Babylonian pagan worship of Nimrod, 
Semiramis, and the god-incarnate son 
extended throughout the entire world 
and eventually assumed the name of 
Trinitarian Christianity.”
– The Two Babylons, pp. 240-252.

Babylon is the source of false religion, 
Revelation 17:1-6. 

“Though the city of Babylon was destroyed, 
its religious concepts and customs had spread 
around the world.  Today’s myriad of false religions 
have their origin in ancient Babylon.”
-All Roads Lead to Babylon

“Ralph Woodrow, in his book, Babylon Mystery Religion
(first published in 1966, now out of print), clearly 
traces the practices and teachings of ancient Babylon,
and their modern counterparts in the Roman Catholic 
Church and her Protestant daughters.  Babylonian ideas 
are by no means isolated to professing Christianity.”
-All Roads Lead to Babylon 

“Mankind in general, has followed variations of 
one kind or another, of the religion of Babylon, 
to this day.”
-Ralph Woodrow;
 Babylon Mystery Religion; 1966 

“Rome…assimilated religions from her many 
conquered territories.  All these religions had 
commonalities, for they all came from Babylon.  
These practices infiltrated and overcame the 
professing Christian Church, which later came to be
dominated by Rome itself.”
-Ralph Woodrow;
 Babylon Mystery Religion; 1966 

“This is the cup which the Babylonish system 
has made all the world to drink. It is not limited 
to the Roman Catholic Church of Rome, but she certainly 
plays a major role in today’s religious deception.”
-Ralph Woodrow;
 Babylon Mystery Religion; 1966 

“The Romish system is based upon a mixture. 
The word “Catholic” means Universal…the true 
Christian goal is not religion based on mixture,
but a return to the original, simple, powerful, and 
spiritual faith that was once delivered to the saints.”
-Ralph Woodrow; pg. 161
 Babylon Mystery Religion; 1966

The  Trinity  Doctine 
was  a  “CORRUPTION”
of  Early  Christianity.

the Trinity “is a  Corruption
borrowed from the heathen religions, 
and  “ingrafted ” on the Christian faith
-Dictionary of Religious Knowledge

The Trinity ” When she allowed these
idolatries to be  engrafted  into her church, 
Rome re-established the teachings of Nimrod 
(and his Babylonian Trinity) – into the
New  Testament Age
and into church dogma.”
-Thunder Ministries
The Origin and Development of the Trinity
according to Trinitarian Scholars

“The doctrine of the Trinity was not a teaching 
of the original Christians, who were either with Jesus
himself or taught directly by the surviving apostles. 
This explains why it is not found in the Bible.  
If it was a fundamental, core doctrine of such great
importance, it would have been clearly and unmistakably
stated in scripture.  The fact that the vast majority 
of professed Christians and church doctrine today 
maintain a belief in the Trinity does not prove it is
correct.  Rather, it suggests that corruption of 
Christian doctrinal truths is widespread and deep.”
-Is Jesus God Almighty? Is the Trinity Scriptural?
By Gordon Coulson 

“Christianity did not destroy paganism;
 it adopted it. . . . 
From Egypt came the ideas 
of a divine trinity.”
(Historian Will Durant)

The pagan trinities had all the prestige 
of a vast antiquity and universal adoption
The Gentile converts therefore eagerly 
accepted the Trinity compromise, 
and the Church baptized it. 
Now at length we know its origin
— John Newton 
(Origin of Triads and Trinities) 

Altering the Bible to Support The Pagan Trinity  

“Codex B (Vaticanus)…was altered by a later hand
in  MORE THAN  two THOUSAND  places.
Eusebius, therefore, is not without grounds 
for accusing the adherents of…the 
newly-risen Doctrine of the Trinity of 
FALSIFYING   the Bible…” 
-(Fraternal Visitor 1924, p. 148; 
translated from Christadelphian Monatshefte).

“We certainly know of a great number of 
corruptions brought into the Scriptures 
by the Athanasians – relating to
the Doctrine of the Trinity.”
-Sir William Whiston 
Second letter to the Bishop of London, 
1719, p. 15 

Rewriting the Bible
to Support the Trinity Doctrine:
“Learned men, so called Correctores were, 
following the church meeting at Nicea 325 AD,
selected by the church authorities to scrutinize
the sacred texts and rewrite them in order to 
correct their meaning in accordance with the views
which the church had just sanctioned.”
-Einfhrung in die Textkritik des 
griechischen Testaments: Eberhard Nestle `

“Christianity’s doctrine of a “holy Trinity” 
is simply NOT true.
 There is nothing in the
scriptures which even suggests that it is

except to those who have already been taught 
to see it there. The doctrine of the Trinity 
is a heathen philosophical intrusion into
the faith of Jesus

-The Influence of Trinitarian Doctrine
  on Translations of the Bible
   by John David Clark, Sr. 

“What I discovered in most of the versions 
of the Bible produced by trinitarians 
which I studied – is irrefutable proof of 
intentional mistranslation
 of words which 
refer to God…  Christian trinitarians routinely 
and  purposely mistranslate  
Greek pronouns, 
so as to promote the doctrine of the holy Trinity.”
-The Influence of Trinitarian Doctrine
  on Translations of the Bible
   by John David Clark, Sr. 

“It’s interesting to see that many of the scriptural 
“evidences” said to be in favor of the doctrine 
of the Trinity, are…sometimes even outright 
.  These can often be exposed by even a 
cursory glance at an English/Greek interlinear 
Bible or a Greek concordance.”
-The Trinity- 
A Doctrine Overdue for Extinction; Part 2
“Imperfections in the King James Version”
by Ted Whitten 

“the doctrine of the Trinity…is contrary to
common sense.  It is contrary to Scripture.
Its origin is Pagan…” 
-J.N. Loughborough, Review and Herald, 
XVIII, November 5, 1861, p. 184


Trinitarians –
“Any true scholar can surely see that 
these men did  NOT use the “Entire” word 
of God to base their theology upon. 
Rather they chose specific passages to 
build on their theology, because, influence,
pagan tribute in a Roman Nation filled 
with paganism, and governing power was 
the mindset of Rome
When she allowed these
idolatries to be  “engrafted”  into her church, 
Rome re-established the teachings of Nimrod 
into the New Testament Age, and into church dogma
-Thunder Ministries
The Origin and Development of the Trinity
according to Trinitarian Scholars `

“The Papacy has in some of its churches, 
an image of the Triune God, with three heads 
on one body.
  The Babylonians had something 
of the same
.  So utterly idolatrous was the Babylonian 
recognition of the (Triune) Divine unity, that Jehovah
the Living God, severely condemned his own people
for giving any countenance to it.”
-Alexander Hislop 
The Two Babylons (pp. 16-19). 


“It is apparent to me that the Christian religion
has been corrupted from very early times, and that 
these corruptions have been mistaken for essential 
parts of it, and have been the cause of rendering 
the whole religion incredible.” 
-Quoted Stannus, 
Origin of Doctrine of Trinity, p. 23.  

“Platonism…was part of the general Nature worship; 
it was attempting to renew Paganism, and was the 
recognised and leading tenet in the higher Mysteries. 
In early Christianity, the Christ had been this Being
which connected mankind with the Eternal Father.”
-Milman, History of Christianity, 
 Vol. ii., p. 355. 

“This Platonic philosophy was adopted by…
all those who in this second century presided 
in the schools of the Christians at Alexandria, 
Athenagoras, Pantaenus, and Clemens Alexandria…”
Fourth Century Ecclesiastical History  

“This cultivation of pagan philosophy by Christian 
teachers greatly displeased those who were attached 
to the ancient simple faith, as taught by Christ 
and His apostles; for they feared, what afterwards
actually happened, that the purity and excellence of 
divine truth would suffer by it.”
-The Translator of Mosheim’s Ecclesiastical History,
 James Murdock, D.D., 

“The solemn dedication of the church of St. Sophia 
was celebrated by a prelate who denied the 
differences between the Father and the Son. 
The whole Christian world was in confusion; 
these fatal feuds penetrated almost as far 
as the Gospel itself had reached.” 
-Milman, History of Christianity,
 Vol. ii., p. 447.  

“the Trinity and the Incarnation have never been
learned from Scripture. Surely the sacred volume
was never intended, and is not adapted to teach 
us our creed…From the very first, the rule has been, 
as a matter of fact, for the Church to teach the truth,
and then appeal to Scripture in vindication of its 
own teaching.” 
-Cardinal Newman
Arians of the Fourth Century, pp. 55-56.  

“Our belief in the Trinity…are in Scripture 
nowhere to be found.” 
-Richard Hooker
The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, 
book i., sect. xiv. 

“…the doctrine of the Trinity…is NOT taught 
in the Holy Scriptures. What we profess in our prayers,
we nowhere read in Scripture…There is no such text
in Scripture as this.” 
Sermons, No. 33, p. 348. 

“…the Triple Godhead…
is nowhere taught in Scripture.” 
Tracts for the Times, vol. i., 
No. 45; vol. v., No. 85. 

“This TRINITY doctrine does not…belong
to the fundamental articles of the Christian faith;
as appears from the fact that it is NOT set forth
in any passage of the New Testament; for the only one 
in which this is done, the passage relating to the 
three that bear record (1 John v.), is undoubtedly 
spurious (false, a forged later addition)…the 
preaching of Jesus Christ as the Messiah; 
and the foundation of His religion is designated by Christ, 
as faith in the only true God and also in Jesus Christ 
whom God  hath sent.” 
-Dr. Neander
History of Christian Religion and Church,
 vol. ii., p. 286.

“The God of the Old Testament 
is also the God of the New Testament. 
Christ and the apostles accepted 
what Moses and the prophets had taught 
concerning God; they assigned to Him 
no other attributes than had already 
been assigned to Him.” 
-Encyclopedia Britannica, Art., “Theism.” 

“Well, be assured that the God that the Jews 
worship – is the very same God that we worship.
Their sacred writings, the Law and the Prophets, 
we revere and read aloud in our meetings. 
And because we worship this God of the Jews, 
the one thing we cannot be accused of is novelty.”
–Glimpses Issue #139 : 

Why Early Christians Were So Despised;
Ken Curtis PH.D., Beth Jacobson,
Diana Severance Ph.D., 
Ann T. Snyder and Dan Graves. ©2003 
by Christian History Institute. 
“The Octavius of Minicius Felix” ;
2nd century A.D.  

“Jesus’ teachings are exclusively within Jewish
values and teachings. Modern Christianity . . . 
does not adhere to many of Jesus’ original teachings.
Early Christianity was an integral part of Judaism 
of the period. Jesus . . . never intended to either
abandon Judaism, or to create a new religion. 
The creation of the independent Christian Church 
outside the framework of Judaism took place many 
years later by those who neither knew the man Jesus,
nor the meanings of His difficult native Hebrew.” 
— Opher Segal, YD, vol. 5, no. 6. 

“…Jehovah,  ‘the God of your fathers’,
the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac,
and the God of Jacob……”
(Exodus 3:15)(ASV) -BibleGateway

The God of Abraham, 
Isaac and Jacob,
‘the God of our fathers’, 
has glorified his servant Jesus.”
(Acts 3:13) (NIV) -BibleGateway

“Is (Jehovah) God, the God of the Jews only? 
Is he not the God of other people also?
Yes, he is.
There is only one God of all peoples.”
(Romans 3:29)(WE)-BibleGateway  

As a follower of Christ
Peter used Gods name, Jehovah

When Peters speech was put on record
the Tetragrammaton (YHWH / Jehovah) was here used 
according to the practice during the first 
century B.C.E. and the first century C.E.”
– Paul Kahle; Studia Evangelica, edited by Kurt Aland,
F. L. Cross, Jean Danielou, Harald Riesenfeld 
and W. C. van Unnik, Berlin, 1959, p. 614
(See App 1C §1.)  

“This Trinity dogma…We cannot be called upon 
to believe that which we do not understand, 
and which, after all, is only handed down to us
by tradition.” 
Former President of Royal Society
(Quoted Stannus, Origin Doctrine Trinity, pp. 20).  

“For that anyone should be both Father and Son…
it is not a mystery – but rather a contradiction.”
-Dr. South; 
“Trinity debate” with Dr. Sherlock;
 -Sermons, vol. iii., p. 240. 

“We must not…involve ourselves in the darkness 
of this mystery, as to deny that glory which is clearly 
due unto the Father alone…” 
 Exposition of the Creed,  
 vol. i., p. 47. 

“…the early Christians adopted 
the monotheistic views of the Jews.”
 History of Doctrines, vol. i., p. 124 


“The Lord Jesus uniformly represented Himself 
as performing all His acts…in the most perfect 
subserviency to the will of His Father, 
and in full dependence upon Him; 
and this fact He stated in a variety of expressions, 
and on different occasions, so as to manifest and
to impress it deeply on His followers.” 
-Dr. J. Pye Smith,
Scripture Testimony to the Messiah,
 vol. ii., p. 300.




An Eyewitness Account :

Michael Servetus Villanovanus
burned at the stake
for rejecting “the trinity” doctrine

27th of October 1553

“.Shortly after twelve o’clock, 
a procession started from the town-hall of Geneva
-the chief magistrates of the city, 
the clergy in their robes, the Lieutenant Criminel 
and other officers on horseback… and in their midst, 
with arms bound, in shabby, dirty clothes, 
walked a man of middle age, whose intellectual face 
bore the marks of long suffering… 
Mounting the hill, the field of Champel was reached, 
and here on sight eminence was the fateful stake, 
with dangling chains and heaping bundles of faggots. 
At this sight the poor victim prostrated himself 
on the ground in prayer…. 
‘Misericordia, misericordia!
Jesu, thou Son of the eternal God, 
have compassion upon me!’ 
Bound to the stake by the iron chains, 
with a chaplet of straw and green twigs covered 
with sulphur on his head, with long dark face, 
it is said that he looked like the Christ 
in whose name he was bound

Around his waist were tied a large bundle
of manuscript and a thick octavo printed book.
The torch was applied, and as the flames spread 
to the straw
 and sulphur and flashed in his eyes,
there was a piercing cry that struck terror 
into the hearts of the bystanders. 
The faggots were green, the burning was slow, 
and it was long before in a last agony 
he cried again, 
‘Jesu, thou Son of the eternal God, 
have mercy on me!’ 
Thus died in his forty-fourth year, 
Michael Servetus Villanovanus, 
physician, physiologist, and heretic. 
he remained faithful unto death 
to what he believed was the Truth 
as revealed in the Bible
– The execution scene 
as described by Sir William Osler

“To enforce the decisions (about the trinity)
of the Council of Nicea, Constantine commanded, 
with the death penalty for disobedience…….”
– A History of Christianity 
      Volume 1 1997 
         Kenneth Scott Latourette

“The day was to come 
when the Nicene party won out completely
and then the emperors, 
who wished to prevent any more such quarrels, 
decreed that one who denied the Trinity 
should be put to death.”
-The Church of our Fathers – 1950, pg. 46

“The doctrine 
that Jesus Christ 
the Son of God
was God the son 
was decreed by worldly 
and ecclesiastical powers. 
Men were forced to accept it 
at the point of the sword or else, 
Thus, the error of the trinity 
was propounded to the end 
that ultimately people believed it 
to be the truth. 

Thus Christianity became in essence
 like Babylonian heathenism, 
with only a veneer of Christian names.”
— Forgers of the Word -1983 Victor Paul Wierwille

“When we look back through the long ages
of the reign of the Trinity . . .
we shall perceive that few doctrines 
have produced more unmixed evil.”
– (A Statement of Reasons  for Not Believing 
  the Doctrine  of the Trinitarians Concerning 
  the Nature of God  and the Person of Christ); 
  by Andrews Norton; 1833


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