Eating Fish on Fridays ? “HOLY” Mackerel !



Eating Fish on Fridays ?
“HOLY” Mackerel !

Certain religious groups were taught that
Friday was a special day to eat Fish.
Research shows that eating Fish on Friday,
is a very ancient practice that does not
originate with Christ or Christianity.

Freya was an ancient goddess whose sacred
symbol was the Fish.  Her Holy Day is on 
the day that was named after her – Friday.
Freya’s Day (Friday) is set aside to honor
her by eating Fish on her special day.

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“the fish was associated with the goddess “Freya”
as a sign of sexual fertility.  The word “Friday” 
comes from the name of “Freya”, who was regarded 
as the goddess of……FERTILITY by the ancient 
pagans.  And as the symbol of her fertility, 
the FISH was regarded as being sacred to her!  
The Fish was a well known symbol of fertility 
among the ancient Babylonians, as well as the 
Assyrians, Phoenicians, the Chinese, and others.”
-Chapter Nineteen
Fish, Friday, and the Spring Festival
Babylon, Mystery Religion
Ralph Woodrow, 1965

“Friday (Freya’s Day) being that day from 
olden times was regarded as her sacred day, 
and since FISH was her sacred symbol; it seems 
more than a mere coincidence that to this day, 
Catholics are taught that Friday is a special day, 
a day to eat fish!”
–Chapter Nineteen
Fish, Friday, and the Spring Festival
Babylon, Mystery Religion
Ralph Woodrow, 1965

“Freya’s Day”, is the origin of the word 
“Friday”. This is the ancient, and long 
forgotten, reason that fish was a traditional 
meal on Fridays for many pagans.


The fish symbol has been used for millennia worldwide as a 
religious symbol associated with the Pagan Great Mother Goddess.

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“The fish symbol “was so revered throughout 
the Roman empire that Christian authorities 
insisted on taking it over, with extensive 
revision of myths to deny its earlier 
female-genital meanings…”
-The History of the Christian Fish Symbol
 Avey Incubator

“The symbol itself, the eating of fish 
on Friday and the association of the 
symbol with deity were all taken over 
by the early Church from Pagan sources. 
Only the sexual component was deleted.”
-The History of the Christian Fish Symbol
 Avey Incubator

“The reason the fish was used as a symbol 
of fertility is seen by the simple fact 
that it has a very high reproduction rate.  
For example, a single cod fish annually 
spawns upwards of 9,000,000 eggs; 
the flounder, 1,000,000; 
the sturgeon, 7,000,000; 
the perch, 400,000; 
the mackerel, 500,000; 
the herring, 10,000; etc.  
And so, from ancient times, 
the fish has been a symbol of sexual 
fertility, and thus was associated 
with the goddess of fertility – 
Freya – Friday!  Now we are beginning 
to see the real significance of Friday 
and fish.”
–Chapter Nineteen
Fish, Friday, and the Spring Festival
Babylon, Mystery Religion
Ralph Woodrow, 1965


“Every day of the week 
bears a Pagan name. 
Friday bears that of Freya.”
-The Christ
John E. Remsberg
Chapter 11
Pagan Divinities

Oxford English Dictionary (C. E.) 
defines “Ichthyic” as “of, pertaining to, 
or characteristic of fishes.

“Recognizing that prohibiting Freya’s honor 
altogether was impossible, the church co-pted 
and diabolized her symbols. Thus, for example, 
they taught that Friday, Freya’s sacred day, 
was really a catholic holy day on which fish, 
one of her sacred animals, was to be eaten.”
-Carolyn McVicar Edwards, 
The Storyteller’s Goddess, 
“Freya, Mother of All_ Scandinavia” 

“The fish Goddess, Freya, was worshipped 
by her followers on her sacred day, Friday. 
They ate fish and engaging in orgies. 
In later centuries, the Christian church 
adsorbed this tradition by requiring 
the faithful to eat fish on Friday.
In ancient Rome Friday is called “dies veneris”, 
and the Great Goddess who was named Freya
was also called Venus by the Romans – and 
fish were also eaten in her honour every
– “What do the symbols hide?”
Ieva Cepulkauskaite, sociologist

 “Eating fish on Friday and the fish symbol 
representing the deity were all taken over 
by the Church from pagan sources.”
-Ichabod, The Glory Is Departed!
 Study No. 230
 by Richard C. Nickels 

“As to the ritual of his worship… 
we only know from ancient writers that, 
for religious reasons, most of the Syrian 
peoples had special days for eating fish, 
a practice that one is naturally inclined 
to connect with the worship of a fish-god.”
– The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913, 
    Encyclopedia Press, Inc



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